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PARTY Performers agency

This is a new project which we are introducing to the European market. We cooperate with a team of international stage performers and choreographers. Our professional team is at your disposal to meet your requirements and ensure a high-quality service: creation, production, orgqanization, communication, coordination, assistance, and follow-up to your event. We are here to fulfill your expectations. We guarantee you good fun, a smile on your face and an event with unique and unforgettable vibes. We provide theme-based performances and dance workshops for dinners, catwalks, corporate events, weddings and nightclubs. You can also hire us for bachelor parties, to make them unforgettable. Do you have an idea and don’t know how to bring it to life? We are here to assist and develop you project and offer you the most suitable option for you and your budget. In order to meet all your possible and “impossible” needs, we work with a team of professionals from all areas to offer you the best service. Our goal is to make your event, in any case unforgettable. Our production is guided by an artistic decadent vision linked to pop art trends, bizarre and glamorous theatrical styles. The performances are a fusion of fire shows, physical theatre, live vocals, hanging and ground acrobatics, aerials and stilts, pantomime, walking performers, manipulation with different objects. Expressional dance combined with amazing and interesting visual components. A major part of our visuals contain eye-catching body painting, expressive make-up and masks created from unusual materials in unconventional ways.

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